Enewton Jewelry

Gold-Filled Jewelry that you can swim, shower, sleep, and sweat in it and it will not tarnish!


Pura Smart Fragrance Device

Pura is an app-based device that allows you to schedule your favorite fragrances at your fingertip. 

Estelle Colored Glassware

Add a pop of color to your kitchen with some beautiful glassware!

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BrüMate Drinkware

About Us

Nancy Veldman opened Magnolia House 27 years ago in the quaint fishing village of Grayton Beach. A former Memphian, she moved from this area to Florida to be near her parents and her career took another turn. While in Florida, Nancy wrote 100 songs on the piano, released 10 CD's, painted over 8,000 watercolors, and published 9 novels. Her music went into hundreds of hospitals, schools and offices because of it's peaceful nature. You can find her on YouTube, and ITunes, and reach her through her email, nancy@magnoliahouse.com, and 662-469-9825

     Magnolia House is a gathering place where people can come and be surrounded by beautiful things and shop for their friends and family. Please come and experience this lovely shop in Silo Square Town Center in Southaven, Mississippi. You just might find gifts that make your home a gathering place!