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Edgar Graham

Edgar Graham

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Driving through the oak lined streets of a small mid-western town, Edgar Graham makes the heart-wrestling decision to settle down and retire. He's convinced that Portersville is the perfect place to live a quiet, secluded life.

Widowed years ago, he's accustomed to solitude and likes the idea of remaining anonymous as long as he can. Taking a job at the local Portersville Post Office as a mailman, Edgar soon meets his neighbors and all the families on his route. He also discovers that the town is not what it appeared to be at first glance, and neither are the people who live there. Edgar soon meets Mary Williams, an elderly neighbor, and they become fast friends.

This relationship catapults him on a journey of letting down his guard, opening his heart, and giving beyond what he thought was humanly possible. He also discovers in the shadows of the great oaks, secrets that could blow the town wide open. Corruption, moral decay, lies and deceit are whispered on every street corner, and Edgar, dressed in gray and nearly invisible in the newly fallen snow, hears it all. 

A story of riveting suspense, deception, delightful humor, and a sprinkle of romance. Edgar Graham will capture the heart of the reader, rendering them incapable of sleep. For the town of Portersville comes to life in this book as it bares its soul to a mailman who becomes a hero. Like the snow of Portersville, this book will make a footprint on your heart. 

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