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Old Man Rivers

Old Man Rivers

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In a charming southern town in South Carolina behind the large brimmed hats and glasses of iced tea lurks murder dressed in a suit and black shiny shoes. An innocent man and a family of seven had their future erased before their eyes in what seemed like a watchmaker's second. Geoffrey Rivers, now turning one hundred years old, sitting in a creaky rocker that's as hard to swallow as a lump of black coal. On a normal day, working on the railroad, a phone call snatched normal out of his life and he embarked on a path to war, to save what he had left of his life. When the gravel came down in the courtroom, the guns he'd taught his sons to use became an albatross around his neck. And he had to put every single moment of his life aside to fight an invisible demon.

They say ghosts don't exist but the Claire Rivers, the love of his life, disappeared into thin air, and later was found floating in the Black River. Geoffrey had to hire the meanest lawyer he could find, and investigators who could pull a human hair out of a pile of leaves to win a case. There was no time to grieve, no time to think. For a jury of twelve was staring him in the face and his tired legs could barely hold him up.

A story of murder and romance, you're gonna fall in love with Rivers. So you might as well sit back in your worn out leather chair and enjoy it. 

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