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Presumed Dead

Presumed Dead

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The United States Government chose only the elite Special Op agents to do covert in remote locations in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Smith Sander-son was one of those agents who stood out because of his uncanny ability to remember details. He took his team to the border of Afghanistan in search of weapons of mass destruction. Risking his life with his team, they entered a location not realizing that the source they'd used went bad. Smith went down and was left behind to die. His best friend, Agent Ben Parker, remained true to his promise and watched over Grace, Smith's wife. But in a horrific turn of events he volunteered to risk his life one more time for his friend. 

A riveting story of the power of the human spirit to survive. of a love that wouldn't let go, and a reminder of words written in stone thousands of years ago; greater love hath no man than lay down his life for his friend. A story you will not soon forget.

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