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Snow Eagle Down

Snow Eagle Down

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In early spring, the Bear Tooth Mountains are lovely to see. But in the dead of winter, they are covered in snow. Not just a little snow. It just doesn't quit snowing on Bear Tooth Mountain. Elizabeth Stone, who was on her way up the proverbial corporate ladder, and Jim Wilson, A well-known cardiologist, are thrown together at a dinner party by a would-be matchmaker, Leigh Miller. He soon discovers Elizabeth is a pilot in her spare time, and asks her to fly him home to Montana. Her answer, which took a few days to ponder, turned out to be one of the most important decisions of her life. Leigh was determined to get the two of them together. But she had no idea what she was pushing them towards.

   An edge-of-your-seat read, Elizabeth and Jim live out everyone's worst was more than some people know in a lifetime together. No one is fully prepared to survive in the worst situations. But in this case, this one time, two people who were forced into a life and death situation, pulled from every single thing they'd ever heard or read about to survive in the worst conditions known to man. Things that were whispered to Elizabeth as a child, that seemed oh-so-boring when she heard them, became critical to her making it through the next day.

   Hair raising at times, you will find yourself lost in their battle to win over the elements. You will fell the fear. There is a dance that is hidden beneath the struggle to survive, of two people who discover how tough they are. But you will also see a love forming that could heal a cracked heart. Take a wall down. She was a tough woman with a wounded heart, and he was, after all, a cardiologist. The chase, the push-pull that goes on silently between a man and a woman, is all over the words in this story. But so is the snow. And it covers every single trace of anyone ever being there. And it falls silently, just like the heart falling in love. 

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