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The Box of Words

The Box of Words

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At a time in her life when she should've been able to kick back and enjoy the fruits of her labor with Sam, Kate is thrown into a time of turmoil and an unbelievable rollercoaster of emotions that turn into the worst nightmare of her life.

    Seeking a new beginning, Kate and her children, Seth and Ella, find themselves challenged beyond human capacity. Yet through the shocking events a bond forms silently under the secrets and heart-rendering tragedies that unfold. 

    Driving around one lovely Saturday morning, Kate stumbles upon an older home in a neighborhood that holds fond memories of her highschool years and first love. There she finds that every house has secrets within its walls. In her eagerness to discover the secrets of this house, she uncovers words that will not only change her life, but the life of the child who spoke them.

    Once you step into this page turner there is not going back. For scattered through the words you read, like walking through pure snow, are the footprints of the child who wrote them and the woman who found her. 

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