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The Physician

The Physician

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He has only one lifetime to discover his purpose in life as a doctor. But he has to let go of his best friend to do it.

Stepping away from everything he's known and loved, Dr. Michael Lankford embarks on a journey with his wife to a small town called Crosgrove to be near his daughter. The path he chooses as a doctor in this small town takes him into a file folder in the local sheriff's department marked case closed. 

It's not the words you hear that always tell you the story, It's what lies underneath the words. And sometimes the truth is found inside an old hardware store in a photograph hanging on the wall.

A compelling story of how one man's desire to live out his calling causes many lives to be changed. But once the plan goes into action, the momentum cannot be altered. Like a house of cards it will all come down, Someone will die, someone will be found. And in the end, when the fireflies light up the summer sky, it's the fishing line that ties them all together. 

A haunting reminder of the deterioration of a human heart when love is take away, of unbridled compassion, determination of epic proportion, and a smidge of romance thrown in for good measure. 

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